Saturday, May 7, 2011

What Do You Want?

Yes, I have entered into the next phase of my life! To be honest, I don't know all of the loop holes of life.  I don't have all the answers, and to be frank, I can't meet all of the expectations either. People want you to land the eight-figure job with the benefits or have the man of your dreams(or should I say their dream man for you) but I Don't! Which makes me ask, What Do You Want?  What is your measure for success, because Iam sure your definition is different from mine.

Success is't just the amount of money you earn.  It isn't about the status you have built for yourself.  I view success as having a happy, devoted balance life for God.  Success is full health, and doing what you love that not only exceeds you but also others.  I wanted to be the high business roller, but I love ministry.  I do believe God is going to use me in business, but if he told me to drop it for ministry I would say HECK YES!!!   I love waking up knowing I get to do great things for God today! I have an opportunity to lead someone to Christ today or pray for elders or children at the hospital! Life is Great!

Your Challenge

Don't miss the opportunity to do something BIG just because you are trying to fulfill the expectation of someone else opinion for your life.  I asked my mom, Would she be fine if I just worked in the ministry?Because my mom is just cool, but also understands the calling of God on people lives and my own, she said Yes!  Talk to your peers and especially your parents about their expectations for your life.  Explain to them how theirs don't match yours! Explain your vision.  Remember its your life, NOT theirs! You alone have to answer to God about what you did or didn't do for his kingdom!!

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  1. Great job kitty! well said! Something to think about.