Thursday, October 7, 2010

College Money Tips #2 ~ True Friends Understand Limits

Senior Year has arrived and is here.  I have 13 more hours left next semester.  As I look on the past four years of my life, I realized the mistakes I have made in college, but one of my successes have been my friendships.  I have meet the most amazing people, and Iam thankful for them being in my life.  Friends are suppose to be there for you when times are good, and definitely when times are hard.  Financial problems are definitely the hard times when its best to express to your friends that your activity may be limited when going off the campus.

Your friends are suppose to have your back.  They are suppose to help you if they can and not judge you on your financial difficulties.  When you cannot go out have friends who will find something cheap to do so everyone can be included.  Maybe that includes just getting a movie from blockbuster or redbox and buying popcorn from walmart.  Maybe its just going to play basketball or a dollar movie.  If you are a freshman this is the time to take notice of the friends who not only care for you, but also respect your pocketbook.  Set your weekend budget and stick to it, because at the end of the day its you effected by the negative, red number in your bank account.

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