Wednesday, September 22, 2010

College Money Tips #1

If you think money isn't important, I recommend...wait... I demand you to stop lying to yourself! Money is a tool, a tool to improve your life and others.  I finally understand the importance and urgency of savings.  I have made mistakes.  Yes I have spent more than I have sometimes! Yes, I brought the video game at GameStop when I should have brought it on Ebay or Amazon.  Yes, I went to the floor event when I should have saved for the phonebill.  For the next couple of blogs, Iam going to teach you some money habits to break and gain.  Little nuggets that I have learned from mistakes after 3 years of college.

#1.  JUST SAY NO!!!

Yes, this is easier said than done, but this is something you must establish within yourself!   You cannot please everyone!  If you try you will never have any money, because your colleagues do not care about what's in your bank account.  TRUST ME!!   SAY NO!  Realize you cannot do everything. You cannot buy everything.  And don't have yourself thinking that you have to be a blessing to people all the time.  I understand it, I love to give but its not smart to pay for someone's dinner and you are in the red because you want to look great and prove your a great person.  This is not the time to impress!

 Have you ever been in a situation where your group of friends want to go out to eat and that one random person says Oh i dont have any money, and everyone look around waiting for that nice person to say I'll pay! JUST SAY NO!!! Lets watch a movie in the dorm so everyone can see it!!  True friends understand your limits!! Thats another Tip later!

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  1. Someday all us wee freshmen are going to look back on this blog and say, "That Key saved us from financial havoc!"