Friday, September 17, 2010

Are You Rationalizing The Word of God?!!

Rationalizing - attempt to explain or justify (one's or another person behavior or attitude).  

I sometimes fear that when I get to heaven, God is going to show me all of the times I missed out or messed up because of rationalizing the Bible.  I fear he's going to say this is the anointing you could have had if you just didn't think so much.  Just one of my fears.  

This generation, we are so smart that its simple for us to always find a way out of anything and unfortunately we are fighting the word of God with out own selfish beliefs so We can find ways not to change.  But what happened if a generation didn't think and we just went out and did what God actually told us to do. Not rationalizing about the how healing works, but we just prayed for everyone expecting a miracle.  I believe if we completely believe God's word for what it is anything can happen! 

Lets not let God pass our generation!! Stand firm and Do what he tell you to do!!


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