Thursday, September 16, 2010

P90X - DAY 5

Day 5 was extremely hard! If you are on P90X, I definitely feel your pain, but I have never felt so much better about myself.  I have always been a bigger in-shape girl.  I was the big athlete that could keep up with the skinny girls in high school (not long distance), but I really wanted to get my body more in shape and take some more weight off my heart and my knees.  Its important for me to start having a healthier lifestyle now instead of waiting until iam 30 after kids looking a hot mess.  I will see a dietitian(an alumni from ORU who will counsel me for free) soon.  

I wanna thank the girls on the floor for encouraging me and pushing me to be a better woman. I wouldn't do this without them and Iam extremely thankful for God putting them in my life.  Love the women on 3Middle - Faith. Iam proud to be your RA and mostly your friend!! 

Krysten doing the semi-pullups!
Struggling to do sit ups!! 
Char showing the muscles!! 


  1. I'm pretty sure that the first pic of you is the most awkward pic of me in the background....

  2. lol i think your right Charlena!!!!

  3. Dear Keyunti,
    I love you.
    Love, your secret admirer ;)

  4. Dear Keyunti,
    I love you.
    Love, your Liz ;)